The Wedding

Saturday, September 23, 2017
4:00 PM
Attire: Appalachian Barn Fancy
Ceremony and Reception
Mountain Fiesta
1951 NC-63, Hot Springs, NC 28743, USA

Brian and I were lucky enough to find this venue last year by chance. We had been trying (for whatever reason) to book a Yurt for a night or two for years and sadly failed continuously. I, for the first time -- and on a whim -- decided to check out Airbnb for Yurts near Asheville, NC (where we currently have lived for about a year and a half). I found a Yurt, booked it, and surprised Brian with a long weekend trip. We fell in love with the area even before we arrived to check in. The road in (there are two options) is breathtaking; windy switchbacks with more barns along the way than either of us have ever seen (and Brian's from Indiana!)

Wedding Party

Genevieve Boudreau - Bridesmaid

Colleen's best friend and quasi sister; a true "Foley". She's the strongest mom and friend Coll has ever had and will always be part of our family!

Rosa Foley - Bridesmaid

Colleen's sister-in-law; she's one half of the entity that is known as "Rolleen".

Anna Foley - Bridesmaid

Colleen's niece who she lovingly refers to as "Punks", she's the BEST 'junior brides maid' a bride could ever ask for.

Angela Tallo - Bridesmaid

Colleen's cousin who has been there through thick and thin; one of the classiest girls Colleen knows. She will also be creating a lot of the floral arrangements and bouquets for the event!

Amy Castile - Bridesmaid

Brian's only sister (who happens to be beautiful, tolerant, and pregnant... among many other amazing qualities). She is Brian's closest confidant and helps keep BOTH of our feet on the ground.

Becca Baker - Bridesmaid

Brian's Sister-in-law, married to his youngest brother Max; Becca is sweet as can be and smart as a whip -- also pregnant ;0) Colleen can't wait to have a new "Baker" sister that's not a Baker by blood.

Alex Baker - Groomsman

Brian's brother, his thorn in his side, his partner in crime.

Max Baker - Groomsman

Brian's youngest brother; a showman with a heart of gold and million dollar smile.

Cary Castille - Groomsman

Brian's brother-in-law; the life of the party and future father to be; a true showman and genuine honorary Baker; he's our glue/comic relief.

Brian Foley - Groomsman

Colleen's only brother; the thorn in her side and lifelong confidant; he's one of her biggest supporters and harshest critics.

Ben Foley - Groomsman

Colleen's nephew; one of the sharpest and most handsome nephews an aunt could ever have; very good at pointing out the obvious; may very well be video taping us all during the celebration.

Grant Kolby - Groomsman

Close friend of the Baker family (and now of Colleen's); officiated Amy Baker's wedding; very inquisitive and entertaining; PLEASE JUST CALL HIM "CHEDDAR" as he is very cheesy...